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What To Expect With Our Content Writing Services

At On Point Media, our content writers strike the perfect balance between precision and creativity. This allows us to write highly competent and engaging copy for all of our clients.

Website Content

Whether you are trying to showcase your solutions or climb up the ranks of search engine results, you must have high-quality content on your website. This content also needs to be written in a way that speaks to both human users and search engine bots alike. Keeping this in mind, our teams take the time to understand the nuances of your operation. This approach lets us develop and follow your brand’s voice while creating your website’s content. It also helps us mesh properly with your search engine optimization (SEO) practices and allows us to emulate them through your content.  As a result, we craft content that is not only engaging to read but also technically sound. This makes sure that you can appeal to your website’s visitors and search engine bots.

Promotional Content

Our premium content also helps you represent your brand through conventional marketing material. From video scripts to ad copy, the right words can help you strike a chord with your target audience with ease. Our quality content writing services also extend to promotional material, including press releases, newsletters, and information articles. Using the right words, tone, and approach in your promotional content helps you get your message across in an effective way. As a result, you are not only able to enhance your exposure but also increase your chances of creating memorable campaigns that stick with your audience. We follow SEO best practices while creating this promotional content. This approach positively contributes to your online marketing

Creative Content

If creativity powers your operations, then you must develop premium content consistently. From ebooks to short stories, your brand’s offerings need to serve nothing but quality to your audience. At On Point Media, we understand these requirements to their core and develop highly exciting content that fits your expectations. This allows you to fulfill audience demands without compromising your standards. While developing your creative content, we also keep the factor of subjectivity in mind and employ consistent communication throughout the process. This allows us to make crucial changes during completion milestones, which saves time on revisions and modifications.

Promotional Content

Are you running short on an assignment deadline? Need an extra pair of eyes to do your research? Through their extensive qualifications, our academic writers can take that pressure off of your shoulders. Our academic content writing services employ research, comprehension, and specialized knowledge about the subject matter. This allows us to develop your academic content according to the given guidelines. While we put deadlines front and center through each of our projects, we treat them as the utmost priority during academic assignments. Our academic writing solutions also offer urgent content delivery services as well.

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At On Point Media, we make it a point to focus on research, creativity, and communication throughout each of our projects. This approach allows us to develop high quality and engaging content across multiple avenues. To understand our process further, here are a few frequently asked questions that we get from most of our potential clients. Going through this information helps you get familiar with our services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our turnaround time depends upon the type of content that we write. For general web and promotional content, it usually takes up to 2-4 days to submit 500 words content. For creative content, it typically takes up to 2-4 days to submit 1000 words content. For academic content, it takes up to 2-4 days to submit 1500 words content. We also entertain urgent orders, which shortens the turnaround time in some instances. Please reach out to us with your requirements to get a precise deadline for your project.

Whether you run a solely online business or maintain a brick and mortar presence, quality content is crucial to your success.  If you manage an online operation, premium content will not only contribute to your brand but also enhances its visibility on the search engines. Similarly, if your content fulfills the purpose of offline marketing or exposure, its quality remains imperative as the primary representation of your brand. Conversely, having low-quality content doesn’t only diminish your brand’s online presence, but also has a negative influence on your target audience. This is why your content writing services must develop quality material for your requirements.

Instead of solely relying on grammar tools, we have a great editing team that checks every content piece manually. We follow this approach because an automated tool does not know the nuances of professional writing that a qualified human does.  While automated programs make it easier to catch most grammatical errors, there are individual styles, patterns, and manners of writing that can only be refined via an experienced human content editor. With that being said, we do run grammatical checks through automated programs to ensure that we catch the biggest errors before we start our editing process. This process goes a long way into managing the deadlines and quality of your content.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, our revision policy is as simple as it gets: We make sure to rework the content until you are happy with the result. This ensures that you don’t have to put up with the restriction of limited revisions with our content writing services. Due to the confidence in our craft, we are able to uphold the expectations of new and existing clients alike consistently.


Easy To Order

It’s easy to place your order with our online ordering portal. All you’ll need to do is complete your project details, choose the type of content you require, the content length and enter your project details.

We’ll Get Writing

We’ll allocate your project to the most suited copywriter on our team. They will review and conduct research to meet the requirements outlined in your brief. You’ll get crisp, clean and concise magazine quality content.

View Your Content

Every project we complete will be proof read and grammar checked using Grammarly a premium copywriting software. You’ll then get a notification of completion and you can view and download a copy from your dashboard.



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We can produce remarkable content in UK and US English.


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We can complete small content projects in just a few days.


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All our writers are rigorously vetted on quality and experience.



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