Press Release Distribution Services

Professional Press Release Distribution Services

Whether you run a successful website or if you are about to launch a web portal of your own, you might have heard of press release distribution services.

In their typical form, press releases or PRs are longstanding tools in the marketing industry. By allowing brands to unveil new products, services, and updates, they serve as an essential notification method for a variety of business sectors.

But when used carefully, press releases can serve as more than a notification service. Besides releasing important business updates to the world wide web, press releases can bring plenty of other online marketing benefits. Press release dissemination is a crucial component of several credible search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

At On Point Media, we are well versed in the development, submission, and distribution method for press releases. We can take care of this complex process for you in a few easy steps through our extensive expertise and premium writing services.

Our Press Release Distribution Process

At On Point Media, our highly qualified team is equipped to handle the creation and submission of press releases across the web. Whether your goal is to spread the word about a new solution at your company or to enhance your SEO efforts, we have got you covered.

What Is Press Release Distribution?

Press release distribution refers to the process where a press release is written from scratch and submitted to relevant platforms. The submission model of a press release causes it to be “distributed” across the web, which is where the method gets its name.

What Are The Benefits of Press Release Distribution?

The distribution of a press release mainly takes place to fulfill the publicity requirements of a business. But another primary reason is how this press release submission causes the brand’s website to enjoy a marketing boost.

Will Press Release Distribution Help My SEO?

One of the main factors behind a successful SEO campaign is the number of high-quality backlinks, which are hyperlinks that point back to the parent site. When these backlinks occur through highly relevant sources, they provide the company’s website with added exposure on search engine results.
There are many methods to create these backlinks. But sourcing them through premium content gives them more relevancy, which in turn provides them with added credibility. As a result, the website receiving these backlinks can also enjoy some performance boost to its SEO.
Out of all content submission methods, press release distribution allows the pertinent brand to collect several high-quality backlinks from across the web simply and effectively. When executed correctly, a single press release submission can create a high-quality network of backlinks, which allows search engines to see the linked website and brand as a credible entity.

How Much Does Press Release Distribution Cost?

Depending upon the quality and stature of the service you use for press release submission, the costs can vary.

It’s prudent to mention that most content development solutions only write the press release for you and call it a day. This leaves you in a marketing cul-de-sac without any submission sources to use for PR distribution. 

At On Point Media, we treat our responsibility and your trust in our services with the utmost seriousness. This is why we not only write the press release for you but also submit and distribute it on your behalf. This ensures that you are not left stranded in the middle of the press release distribution process.
Since most credible press release submission and distribution platforms have strict guidelines, getting your press release approved for dissemination isn’t an easy task. Our highly qualified writers specialize in following these press release writing requirements to a T, ensuring that you don’t have to grapple with multiple rejections and revisions. Even when the PR distribution platform outlines any needs for changes, we take care of them until the PR gets approved.

Due to this reason, our overall quote doesn’t only comprise our charges for content creation, but also submission, revisions, and distribution. Please reach out to us with your requirements, and we will be able to outline a customized quote for you free of charge.

Will My Business Benefit From Press Release Distribution Services?

With several advantages for publicity, marketing, and SEO, your business can most certainly benefit from press release dissemination. 

When a specialized and experienced agency manages the process, these press releases are distributed to some of the most reputable industry platforms. This allows your business to get much-needed exposure in its target market. 

The SEO benefits and subsequent improvement in keyword rankings only add to this benefit. With a consistent increase in your online visibility, you are more likely to attract a large amount of traffic from the web. This enhances your chances of generating more business and increasing your client base.

Overall, press release distribution can bring many long-term benefits for your brand. But you need to execute the process through skilled professionals.

Press Release Distribution Strategies

At On Point Media, we only follow those SEO, marketing, and writing strategies that comply with Google and other search engines’ guidelines. This ensures that we are only performing white hat SEO, which helps your site steer clear of penalties and repercussions due to corrupt marketing practices. 

Due to this reason, we perform our PR distribution through credible platforms that are known throughout the web. This ensures that the exposure you get and the backlinks you generate all fall under white hat SEO. 

Keeping this in mind, all of our PR distribution strategies are meticulously planned and carefully executed. 

These approaches include but are not limited to: 

  • Reaching out to credible journalists in your industry. We contact journalists in your market sector to submit the press release.
  • Making individual submissions to credible platforms. We individually submit your press release to credible PR platforms.
  • Rolling out the press release through distribution services. We distribute your press release through renowned PR distribution services such as Cision PR Newswire.

Each of these press release distribution methods provides you with high-quality backlinks. But the level of enhancement in your SEO performance varies between them. It’s because reaching out to industry journalists or performing individual submissions provides you with a couple of backlinks to work with. Whereas, rolling out your PR through a distribution service ensures mass distribution and exposure. 

If you haven’t guessed it by now, the main difference between using a particular submission method and a mass distribution platform is the cost. 

Using a mass distribution platform is perhaps the most expensive strategy among all white hat PR distribution solutions, but it also provides impressive results. We recommend our clients to use this method if they have the budget for it.

Press Release Distribution Pricing & Packages

Our press release distribution solutions come in various packages to make sure that we can help you get the most out of your marketing budget.

Our press release distribution solutions come in various packages to make sure that we can help you get the most out of your marketing budget. If you have further questions or need a custom quote for your needs, please contact us for a free consultation today. We will be glad to discuss your requirements and help you benefit from our holistic PR distribution strategies.


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