White Label SEO

What Is a White Label SEO Reseller and Why Do You Need Them

White label SEO services involve a business arrangement in which an agency hires a search engine optimization specialist to provide SEO services under the agency’s name. The agency maintains customer relationship without working on the actual SEO work so that it can remain an all-in-one provider for their clients without increasing their overhead costs.

What is White Label SEO?

White labeling is the practice of producing product and services that are rebranded by other companies who are buying the offerings. This is done so that the purchasers can resell the product and services to the end-users, who will perceive the offerings to be created by the purchaser.

In the world of SEO, white label services include search engine optimization and link building services offered by companies to agencies who wish to sell SEO to their clients but do not have the specialized skills or cannot afford to hire in-house SEO specialists. Many agencies find that they have a higher profit margin when they buy white label SEO services from top-quality specialized firms because of economies of scale, efficiency, and technology.

Most white label services do not communicate with the client and only provide the work at the backend. However, the best agencies handle the work as well as the interaction with your end-customers.


What Does a Full-Service White Label SEO Reseller Provide

Full-service white label SEO agencies handle a wide range of digital marketing activities including on-page and off-page local and national/global SEO, content marketing, link building, reputation management, and press release distribution. This is very advantageous for the end-user since they get a whole range of optimization services within a single platform which prevents them the hassle of looking at multiple white label providers. This also ensures better communication across all levels of marketing disciplines.

On-Page SEO Optimization

On-page SEO services involve the optimization of all the individual pages on your website, which includes adding value-adding, keyword-rich and relevant content, improving internal link building, refining the navigation system, eliminating crawl errors, and giving search index access to pages that you want indexed.

Off-Page SEO Optimization

Off-page optimization is the set of optimization activities that are done outside of your website. These include link building services, disavowing bad links, earning social media shares, and improving the reputation of your site.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a key SEO discipline and involves the services of excellent writers who can reliably deliver the content of core web pages, blogs, and articles. Value adding content that matches the core values and message of your brand is key to your SEO plan.

Link Building

Link buildings can be done in many forms but you should understand that good companies only employ white hat tactics or ethical practices to build their links. You can create links on high authority sites through guest blogging, or commenting on forums and social media. Remember that even though comment spamming is a kind of link building, it is a blacklisted spammy practice that no reputable white label SEO service does.

Reputation Management

Although there are a lot of misconceptions about reputation management in the online market, the truth is that reputation management is essential for a company to build trust. Reputation management involves influencing the public’s perception about a company, which includes maintaining positive reviews about your company online and getting rid of false or damaging information.

Press Release Distribution

The process of creating and circulating out news and announcements about a company to journalists and members of the press is called press release distribution. The purpose of a press release is to land coverage in the media in order to increase your brand awareness and improving public relations.


Benefits of Working with Our White Label SEO Reseller

If you are looking for a natural and cost-effective way to start the marketing of your online brand, then SEO is the best way to do it. By partnering with an excellent SEO team, you can start scaling your business today.

Most small companies find it easy to hire freelancers to fulfill their SEO needs, since their current customer list isn’t very long. However, if you want to scale up, relying only on freelancers can be very expensive. On the other hand, if you want your company to achieve economy of scale and expand without making a very high financial investment, then white label SEO resellers can help you grow your business rapidly.

As search engine optimization continues to evolve and become even more complex, it has become a requirement to have a team dedicated entirely to SEO services. Now creating content and link building are not just attractive options but necessities if you want to create a campaign that can produce satisfactory results. This means deep diving into your customer’s website and identifying any issues that could be hampering their SERP performance.

A white label SEO reseller can help you perform these tasks and provide you with SEO reports, tracking sales, leads, and phone calls. This can save you a huge amount of money in in-house talent or special SEO software.

Now let us look in detail at why a company should employ the services of an SEO reseller:

SEO Is Necessary

We know that social media is the future and currently the market is saturated with social media strategies that can help improve business. But a white label SEO reseller knows that the success of a business is based upon whether it implements SEO tactics the right way or not.

According to Databox, 70% of marketers believe SEO is a better marketing strategy than PPC while 61% of marketers say improving their SEO and organic presence is their top inbound strategy.

The bottom line is that SEO remains crucial for the success of a business and marketers will start to invest more and more on SEO services in the coming years. Therefore, if you lack an experienced SEO team, a white label SEO reseller service can help you get the best results.

SEO Is Complex

Google algorithms are growing more complex than ever so it is natural that SEO is getting complex as well. Previously, the only SEO tactic was to stuff keywords and backlinks in the content since that was all the Google’s bots were looking for.

However, these days, the algorithms have gotten increasingly complex, thanks to its frequent algorithm updates, rich snippets, and the constant threat of AI. In fact, Google’s internet services span 2 billion lines of codes.

Because of these factors, the responsibility of an SEO expert is now more than ever and they have to keep on their toes to check every algorithm release, find a way to adapt to it, look for link building opportunities, create relationships, and curate high quality content.

They Offer Scalable Models

White label SEO reseller services offer scalable models to our clients. Whether you have a handful of clients or thousands of end users, we can help you work with all of that. The best white label SEO reseller will enable you to work in a way so that the only activity of the clients who purchase SEO service is to bill their end users.

This is very beneficial since a lot of agencies get stuck while communicating to their clients on topics they need to handle for them. This can also end up frustrating the end users as the company they have contact with is unable to answer questions related to SEO or other online marketing activities and they have to spend a lot of time on the telephone because of inefficient communication.

Since it takes a lot of time of the digital agency as well, it is unable to focus on their own core competencies and make their business grow.

They Offer Positive ROI

The ultimate purpose of SEO is to get higher amount of traffic, relevant leads, and to generate profit for the end users. Whether it is a small business or a huge conglomerate, every single dollar invested count and should get some results. Therefore, a good white label SEO reseller company will ensure that their clients get a positive ROI.

If they do not, this is a sign that the SEO activity needs to be adjusted.

They are Education-Based

A decade ago, company would just deliver an SEO service to their customers and called it a day. However, a good white label SEO reseller will never do that. Even though some people would argue that they were only hired to do a certain job which they did, transparency matters a lot when it comes to SEO.

A white label SEO service needs to educate their customers on what they are doing, why they chose to go with a particular strategy, what the effect of those tactics will be, and how they can help in retaining customers. Educating the customers about all these things is very important for a number of reasons:

  • The customers feel empowered and confident in their decision. Remember that it is the end customer who will be taking out money from their wallet; therefore it is essential that they feel that their money is going to a worthwhile activity.
  • Educating the customers about the SEO process also helps improve communication between them. By providing the customer about awareness of the SEO strategy, it can open up opportunities for more in-depth discussions.
  • The more a customer understands the intricacies behind an SEO process, the more chances there are for fueling a successful relationship together. A white label SEO reseller is the marketing expert and it is their job to ensure their customer becomes an industry expert and when you combine these two things, then a strong relationship can occur.
  • A lot of people still think SEO involves just creating a few links and adding a few keywords to the content to get success. This may not seem a worthwhile enough activity for customers to part with their hard-earned money. However, once you start to educate them and let them see behind the scenes, the amount of work that goes into producing results will create a deeper feeling of appreciation for the SEO service among clients and they will be willing to provide the agency with the management fees.

They Offer Real Time Analytics

An expert white label SEO team will provide its clients with real time analytics that can provide reporting data about all aspects of SEO. This includes keyword rankings, ROI, traffic growth, page visits, bounce rates, errors in the pages and so much more.

These metrics are measurable and can help customers understand how their website is performing and help them create a plan of action with the SEO service to further improve their business.

They Save Time and Money

According to AHREFS, an average SEO company charges between $100 to $150 per hour for SEO services. You can also hire a freelancer for about $41 to $50 per hour; however, you get what you pay for and the effort put by them on your SEO is not enough to get the results that you need.

Another option is to get an in-house SEO team, however, that can cost an excess of $75,000 per month, that’s because you will have to take into account the recruitment and training that goes into hiring full-time employees. This cost is prohibitive for smaller companies that are just starting out.

However, hiring a white label SEO service can give you all the advantages of an in-house SEO team at a reduced cost. Therefore, outsourcing a white label SEO reseller service is the best option for you.


Why Choose White Label SEO Reseller Services

SEO is a crucial part of a business’s digital marketing strategy. White label SEO is a wonderful and cost-effective option for agencies who want to provide customers with a full list of digital marketing services without diverting their focus from their core competencies.

If your company is considering a white label SEO reseller service, visit us at https://onpointmedia.us/white-label-seo-services-for-agencies/ or call us at 1(800)674-3347 for consultation.

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