White Label Infographic Design Services for Agencies

Professional White Label Infographic Design Services for Agencies

Do you operate a digital marketing agency? Are you about to start an online marketing solution? Do you need affordable options to enhance your service offerings?

If you answered positively to either of these questions, looking into white label infographic design might be the right step for your business.

What Is White Label Infographic Design?

To put it simply, white label services are provided by specialized contractors, which allow their solutions to be rebranded and resold by other parties. When an agency recruits a white label service, it can resell the contractor’s work under its name. 

When this white label model is applied to infographic design, it turns infographic design companies into contractors and digital marketing solutions into the agencies that source their work. This way, infographic design professionals can find consistent work without dealing with multiple parties. At the same time, agencies can keep their operations running by selling high-quality infographic design solutions to their clients.

At On Point Media, we offer premium quality white label services to fulfill your infographic design needs. With our team’s extensive expertise and creative skills, we can bring your clients’ design vision to life.

Our infographic design services include:

  • Bespoke Tailored Design
  • Premium Graphics / Icons
  • Fully Branded To Your Site
  • Editable .Ai Design Files

We hold an expansive team of infographic designers who excel at using the latest solutions in the industry. Our incredibly talented designers will create an infographic that not only brings stats to life using imagery but one that will perfectly sit within your brand using close color pallets. Every project we complete will be proofread and grammar checked using Grammarly a premium copywriting software. You’ll then get a notification of completion and you can view and download a copy from your dashboard.

Benefits of White Label Infographic Design Services

You can benefit from the decision to use our while label infographic design service in a variety of ways! From cost-effectiveness to timely deliveries, here are the core advantages of outsourcing your infographic design work to a capable provider.

You Don’t Have to Manage Day to Day Operations

By getting your infographic design projects completed through our white label services, you don’t have to manage the day to day operations yourself. This allows you to cut infrastructure and managerial costs by a significant margin. You also get more time to focus on core operations, such as establishing connections with new and existing clients. 

Overall, handing over your infographic design work to our managed marketing services can help you grow your business while bringing down its expenses.

You Don’t Have to Share Creator Credit

As your white label infographic design contractor, we get paid for doing the work but willingly don’t take any credit. The distribution rights are transferred to your agency, which allows you to claim the designs as your own.

Since our creative team is focused on delivering high-quality infographic design solutions, we can help you impress your clients with our premium offerings.

You Can Set the Price At Your Own Terms

While we offer our infographic design services to you at our standard price, we do not interfere with how much you charge your clients for the same solutions. 

This provides you with ample flexibility in terms of pricing your solutions as you see fit. When you are working with upscale clients, you can quickly charge higher prices due to the premium quality designs that we create for you.

You Can Fulfill More Orders

Due to our robust infrastructure, we have a large team of designers who are equipped to work at short notice. This allows you to take on more infographic design orders with the utmost confidence.

This ability also lets you accept urgent orders with shorter deadlines, while also delivering them without any delay. This way, our white label infographic design solutions can effectively help you scale your business.

Why You Should White Label Your Infographic Design Services

If you already have an in-house team for infographic design, switching to a white-label service may seem like a tough sell. But it’s important to understand that white labeling your infographic design services doesn’t ask for a complete overhaul of your existing team infrastructure. 

In fact, you can keep your essential team on the payroll for regular work while expanding your operations through a white label solution. While your in-house team works on routine projects, you can take on more action with the help of a white-label service provider. 

This approach helps you strike a balance between managing your projects from your premises and having them executed through remote teams. It works wonders as a risk mitigation strategy and also allows you to lower down costs without affecting your commitment to your existing team.

The Infographic Design Creation Process

In terms of meeting quality, design, and deadline requirements, white-label infographic design solutions work the same way as regular infographic design solutions. There is no compromise on the level of expertise or the time spent on each design job. This allows you to get the same quality of work that you would receive as a regular yet premium client. 

The creation process for white label design services is a bit different than typical solutions. Understanding these nuances helps you grasp how exactly white label services will work for your agency.

How Do White Label Infographic Design Services Work?

At On Point Media, our white label design specialists do not directly contact your clients. This means that instead of discussing the design brief and requirements with each of your clients, we go by the instructions shared directly by your agency. 

These details can come in the form of a document, a voice note, or a video conference. Having documented instructions allows us to follow the requirements to a T, ensuring that you can see the client’s vision coming to life through our solutions. You can also jump on calls to describe each client’s requirements to the last speck of color.

Once the designs are completed, we share the visuals as well as source files with you. You can then show them to your clients and get their feedback. If any revisions are required, we take care of them until your clients are satisfied with the work performed.

Who Could Use This Service?

Any digital marketing agency offering an array of solutions can quickly source our white label infographic design services. This also holds if you operate as a standalone infographic design agency that outsources its work regularly.

We don’t have any restrictions on the size of businesses that we join as their white label solutions provider. Whether you work as a sole proprietorship or a large scale business, please feel free to reach out to us.

Will My Clients Know You Are Doing The Work?

We never contact your client ourselves and ensure to restrict our communication to your agency. All of the details that you share with us remain confidential. This way, your clients never know that we are doing the work for you. For added assurance, we can sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to maintain a promise of confidentiality. This gives you the peace of mind you need to trust us with your clients’ information.

White Label Infographic Design Pricing & Packages

At On Point Media, we offer our white label services on retainer as well as a per-project basis. The pricing for these solutions largely depends upon the extent and timeline of the work performed. 

The following packages often fulfill the requirements of many of our agency clients.



Up To 10 Stats / Elements



Per Design


Up To 20 Stats / Elements



Per Design


Up To 30 Stats / Elements



Per Design

If you are looking for a custom quote or need to discuss additional details, contact us for a free consultation today. We will be glad to learn more about your solutions and deploy our white label services right away.


We’ll Do The Research

All great infographics need interesting statistics and copy. You can provide us with this alternatively we’ll handle it for you by carrying out research in the online public domain.

The Design Stage

Our incredibly talented designers will create an infographic that not only brings stats to life using imagery but one that will perfectly sit within your brand using close colour pallets.

View Your Infographic

Every project we complete will be proof read and grammar checked using Grammarly a premium copywriting software. You’ll then get a notification of completion and you can view and download a copy from your dashboard.



100% White Label

Infographics will be 100% white label with no signatory markings.


Fully Branded

We’ll design infographics to match the colours of your website brand.


Beautifully Designed

Every infographic is beautifully created by our own trained designers.


Premium Icons

We create and use premium graphics and icons for superior quality.


Fully Editable

We’ll provide you with a full editable PSD incase you ever need control.

Let Us Help You Get Maximum Results