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Why it Makes Sense to Use White Label SEO Services: Opportunities for SEO Resellers

So you’re working with a client who is looking to improve their SEO. Thankfully, you don’t need to be an expert in this area, nor start hiring additional staff to provide SEO solutions. Outsourcing these requirements to white label SEO providers by becoming an SEO reseller is a common technique used by many digital marketing and web design agencies. This need is where White Label SEO Providers come in.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about including search engine optimization as a service for a while, or maybe you’re new to the idea? Either way, offering a set of technical SEO and content SEO solutions can elevate your agency, giving you an advantage over your competitors with a more holistic set of digital services.

Become an SEO Reseller: Why Agencies Should Offer SEO Services

You are probably already aware of the growth in White Label SEO Services in the last few years if you’re a digital marketer, publisher, or web design agency. This popularity is attributed to the scope of solutions offered by White Label SEO Providers, and the ability for an SEO reseller to scale their business with low or no overhead costs.

By outsourcing your client’s SEO needs, your business can manage accounts in-house using your existing team, keep costs down, and increase productivity without employing additional staff. It’s a no-brainer for any digital marketing company.

Top 5 Reasons to Work With White Label SEO Providers

1. Additional Revenue

Adding further SEO solutions can appeal to your existing customers, creating more revenue without looking for new clients. Providing your customers with a broad portfolio of technical and content SEO is attractive for many businesses for increasing revenue quickly from your existing accounts.

2. More Options for Clients

Search engine optimization solutions can easily be added to existing services, complimenting most digital marketing strategies. It makes sense to offer SEO as an extra service, or even as an included service, particularly for web designers. If you’re creating a new site for a client, likely, they’ve already queried the inclusion of SEO content. By outsourcing these needs to a third party, you can ensure their requirements are met.

3. Cost-Effective

SEO is a cost-effective way to generate more traffic for your customers. It requires a small investment of time and money to create long-term results. It’s also appealing to customers that are not able to spend large budgets on other paid marketing strategies.

4. Trackable Results

SEO is easy to track and report to your customers, with measurable KPIs in keywords, search engine ranking, and traffic. If you’re an agency, this provides you with understandable, reportable metrics to relay to your clients.

5. Easily outsourced

Often the nature of work carried out by a White Label SEO Provider doesn’t require lots of back and forth. This makes it easy for your in-house teams to keep on top of SEO projects with their current projects.

Why Choose White Label SEO?

Outsourcing SEO solutions relieves you and your team of additional work, handing over tasks to an external SEO expert. Your in-house employees can deliver the same workload as before, adding more capability to your business without compromising on your resources.

Handing work over to a white label SEO provider also gives a higher level of expertise; these third parties will often come with vast experience, providing a sophisticated understanding of SEO. They have experience working on similar projects and can educate you on best practices, additionally assisting your customers through the process.

Your white-label provider could even provide reports, documents, and checklists that you can brand using your agency or company logo and acknowledge as your own.

SEO requirements can vary from client to client. Without increasing your in-house team, outsourcing gives additional flexibility for conditions that can range from customer to customer. There are no fixed overheads, meaning you can continue to scale without spending more on employing, training, and retaining staff.

It also provides a way to up-sell services to your current clients. It’s likely your customers require SEO, so adding on these solutions as part of a package or an extra fee can provide lucrative for agencies and digital marketers. Leveraging your existing customer base means no time spent finding new business, and offering your customers better service long-term.

Whether you’re a publisher, web development, or digital marketing agency, becoming an SEO reseller and offering white label SEO services will compliment your existing model. It makes sense to provide blogger outreach services, backlink building, or managed SEO to enhance your offering and scale your business.

Types of White Label SEO Services

Blogger Outreach

Not only creating publicity and interest but blogger outreach also enables businesses to send more traffic to their website through strategic link building. Blogger outreach services create a backlink profile for your website, increasing domain authority, and organic search results. Backlinking remains a desirable method employed by any SEO reseller, as search engines measure backlinks as a distinction of a website’s credibility and popularity.

Content Writing Services

Creating great copy is imperative for an excellent SEO profile. From video scripts to ad copy, the right words can compel an audience to click and convert, and when combined with on-site SEO, will help search engine robots to recognize and rank your website. Content writing services can include press releases, newsletters, and information articles; ensuring these are executed with the correct keywords and semantic links to follow SEO best practice can aid organic reach.

Press Release Distribution

Out of all content submission methods, press release distribution establishes some of the highest-quality backlinks across the web. When executed correctly, a single press release submission creates a vast network of high-quality backlinks, enabling search engines to see the linked website and brand as a credible entity.

Managed SEO

A full, holistic package of managed SEO can help you address a client’s needs by looking for a more extensive solution. This work can include technical and content-led SEO solutions, including on-page SEO, off-page SEO, SEO maintenance, and SEO checkups.

Local Citation SEO

If you are working with a client who’s business has a strong local presence, providing local citations can have a significant impact on SEO. By working with your white label workforce, a profile can be established around a targeted area using a combination of off-site and on-site SEO.

Choosing the Right White Label SEO Provider

We wouldn’t be good marketers if we didn’t take this opportunity to blow our own trumpet! Watch the clip below for more details on all the white label SEO services that On Point Media offers.  

Questions to Ask White Label Providers as an SEO Reseller

What Types of Backlinks Do You Build?

This is important! Many white label SEO providers will claim to be able to build numerous backlinks; however, not all backlinks are created equal, and therefore it’s worth doing your research. Low-ranking, spammy domains can actually do more harm than good for a site’s search engine rank; Google et al. are looking for links from high-quality, good domain authority sites to demonstrate trustworthiness and credibility. Search engine robots will check the quality of the anchor text and surrounding content to search out spam backlinks, so make sure your backlink work is carried out by a trusted subcontractor. If you’re unsure, ask to see some of their previous case studies.

Do you offer complementary services?

A question worth asking by any SEO reseller, sometimes white label SEO providers are happy to include additional services for a discount, or as part of a package deal. This inclusion gives you a better offer for you and your customers, so it’s always worth checking.

Can you create white label SEO reports for me to use?

Reporting is something that every client wants to see. Demonstrating that you are delivering on their expectations and making improvements will go a long way in developing relationships with your customers, and credibility for your business. It’s a piece of mind for you as well that your subcontractors are doing the work they are hired for.

It’s also worth checking whether your new white label SEO provider can be flexible with their KPIs, in case your client is looking to report on a specific metric. Ask this at an early stage to establish the right expectations for your external subcontractors, clients, and stakeholders.

Becoming an SEO Reseller: Things to Remember

Providing white label SEO solutions as an SEO reseller is a mix of excellent skills and good salesmanship. You should know your prospective SEO providers and make sure they’re the right fit for your agency. After all, your customers are trusting you to deliver the right results on time; as long as you carry out due diligence and employ the right white-label services, your business will only benefit. Do your research and ask questions, maintain the relationship with timely communication and updates, and you’re sure to create a great relationship with your white label SEO team.


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